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Here is your free guide to building a Private Blog Network

The purpose of a private blog network is help you build backlinks and rank your Money Site.

Your money site is the site that you make money from… Your PBN (private blog network Sites) are the sites that help you Rank your money site.

Google loves backlinks. Backlinks are essentially “votes” for your website. The more backlinks that you have the better you will rank your main site.

However ever since the infamous Panda and Penquin Google updates, you only want good quality backlinks from sites with relevant (related) content.

Ok so we know that Google Likes Backlinks… We also know that Google especially likes QUALITY backlinks…

Private Blog Network

So how do we get them?

1. You can purchase them from other people

This is essentially what you did by purchasing a Fiverr Gig from me, you purchased a high quality high pr backlink, and used your anchor text to “point” back to your money site.

2. You can use software

There are software packages such as SENUKE and others that will automate the backlinking process for you. (just do a Google search for SENUKE, and you’ll find plenty) However they can be expensive to purchase and bulky to operate… It takes a pretty significant amount of training to learn how to use them. I have a gig on FIVERR to do that if you are interested in that strategy.

3. You can create your own Private Blog Network (PBN)

Basically this is how it works…

You want to create as many websites as you can that have High PR. PR or PAGERANK is one of the ways that GOOGLE awards authority to sites. The scale goes from 0 to 10, the higher the better.

SIDE NOTE: Please understand that there is more to Google Page Authority than page rank, but for the purposes of our discussion here that is all we will be referencing to.

Private Blog Network (PBN)

A PBN is a series of websites that you own and control for the purposes of building back links to your “money” site

It can be any number of sites, obviously the more the better

The sole existence for these websites (your PBN) is to throw their authority… Their page rank, to your “money” site. This in turn creates high search engine ranking for your money site.

So how do you build a PBN?

This can be a little tricky, but you start by purchasing one domain and one hosting package, and start from there.


Everyday thousands of webmasters abandon their sites. There are many reasons why they do that, but for you that is good news.

You can use a service like MOONSY.COM to help you search for and purchase HIGH PR EXPIRED DOMAINS…

But you do need to be careful and do your research to make sure that you are getting a good domain.

Once you purchase the domain, you also want to make sure that it isn’t hosted on the same domain as your “money” site.

Google can figure that out pretty quickly and in the long run it could cause you a problem… So it is best to get another hosting company for your PBN.

So the idea is that over time you purchase many of these expired domains, repurpose the websites so you can add your articles and backlinks back to your money site!

Do give you an idea of the cost of doing that, I recently spent about 100.00 on a PR5 Domain. So estimate what it would cost you from that point. You can always go to MOONSY.COM and check out what the current prices are.

My favorite place to purchase domains is from

My favorite hosting Company is HOSTNINE.COM
If you want the hosting, don’t purchase the domain with it, because you will already have a high PR domain from Godaddy that you purchased from

My private blog network

So what I have done is the purchase one high PR backlink per month, and build my site, and then start adding my articles and backlinks.

I currently have dozens of websites ranking on the first page of Google..

A major contributor to the ranking of most of my sites to first page is the backlinking that I have done with my Private blog network (PBN) . I have client sites that I have ranked using a PBN as well.

I do not share my blog network with the general public.

If you would like a “done for you” solution or you need any help with any of this, please feel free to call or email me directly

We have a done for you solution where we post your article + 2 links to each website of our PBN. This is the same exact thing that I use to rank my sites.

Our PBN is currently 15 sites strong with PR from 1-5. You get your article and Your links (2 per article) posted to the FRONT PAGE of our ENTIRE NETWORK!!

This will surely give your money site a boost in the search engine rankings.

The cost for this is 150.00 per month. That is less than 5 bucks per backlink.. YOU WILL NOT find a better value anywhere!

For additional information Please contact me directly.

If you would like a private consulation, I have a fiverr gig for that as well!!


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Thank you
Cowboy Keith

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