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I am going to share with you a condensed version of what I do to my sites to get them to first page.

This guide is NOT DEFINITIVE… but gives you some specific actions that you can take to help you rank your site quickly, and as inexpensively as possible.

There are some nuances that are purposly left out, as to not confuse, or delay you from taking action.

I personally have NEVER had a site deindexed or penalized using these techniques… (I obviously can’t promise that you won’t)

This is not going to be an exhaustive explanation of SEO, but just a couple of quick short cuts that you can use immediately to start ranking your sites. I have broken it down as best as I can, without overwhelming you… to get you to take action NOW.

There are also links to the actual products and services that I use…

I also have a couple of “done for you” solutions that you may be interested in..


Each of these areas you can do a little bit of everyday. Not one thing is more important than the other, but they all work in conjunction… SEO is a moving target, meaning that there are dozens if not thousands of other people trying to do SEO for their sites as well, and you are in constant changing conditions all the time. A balanced approch using all techniques simultaenously to SEO is the best approach

So here we go.

1. Keyword research

It has been my experience that most people fail from the beginning because they don’t do good keyword research.

Keyword research is one of the most vital things that you can do to grow your business. If you are trying to rank with super competitive keywords, then it may take you longer. However on the other hand, if you are ranking for keywords that are easy, but have low search volume, then you are essentially wasting your time.

I believe it to be easier to rank for long tailed keywords and then continue to work on your main keyword as well.

Local keywords are easier to rank for than for generic terms…

For example.

At the time that I am writing this I have a website http://www.Carlsbademergencyplumber.com

This site currently ranks for #1 position in Google for the search term ” Carlsbad emergency Plumber” however it doesn’t quite rank for #1 position in Google for the search term “Carlsbad Plumber” yet.

I sell leads to a local Carlsbad, CA plumber…

I build my site up as an authority site, I use multiple keywords for backlinking and I continue to build the site up with backlinks and content until I rank for the keyword I am going for. This way, in Google’s eyes I have an “authority site” that is ranking for multiple keywords, and looks like it is the anwswer to the Google searcher.

In my example, It is much easier to rank for long tailed keywords such as Carlsbad Plumbing companies, Best carlsbad plumber, top carlsbad plumber, than it is for the direct search term of “carlsbad plumber”

Get it? That way I start to rank for ALL the keywords relating to carlsbad plumber, so I must be a carlsbad plumber in Googles Eyes Right?

So do your keyword research, make sure you are going after the long tailed keywords as well as the specific keywords you are trying to rank for .

Remember, in most cases, the higher the compeition is for a keyword the more difficult it will be to rank. This is not always the case, but it is certainly a good guideline to follow.

Make a list of 10-12 long tailed keywords that you can rank for also, and add that to your SEO plan for your site.

I use the GOOGLE ADWORD KEYWORD PLANNER to do my research…

**TIDBIT*** when I am ranking for local keywords I want to see a minimum search volume of 100 searches beore I will go after that term****

For more information do a google search for “long tailed keyword”, “google adword keyword tool”, longtailed keyword research”

Ok so now you have 10-12 good keywords + your main keyword you want to go after..

2. OnSite SEO

This is another major failing of Noobs to search engine marketing. Your onsite SEO needs to match your offsite SEO.

Three things that I notice about most sites

They are OVER optimized… In otherwords they “stuff” their website with the keyword they are trying to rank for too much. You should not have your keyword appearing in your website more than about 3% of the time or so. If you put it in too much, Google recognizes that and considers your site to be “spammy” and will reduce your rankings.

Their content is no optimized. If you have a long tailed keyword “Carlsbad Emergency Plumber” for example, then you should have an article or two about “carlsbad emergency Plumber” in either a post or a page from your site… You should also have some backlinks to that specific post or page..

You want to not only backlink your main page, but also the “sub pages” with the specific long tailed keyword that you chose from step #1 above.

The more relevant content you can provide, the better. Don’t just try to rank one highly competitive keyword, without supporting keyword content on the site.

The more relevant content you have, the more likely that Google will notice your site as an authority, and will reward you with higher ranking.

Keyword research + relevant content = exaclty what google wants (and the other search engines)

3. Backlinking

So now we have good keywords, and relevant content on our site… Now we want to backlink that content and our keyword to let the search engines know that we mean business!

A backlink is considered a “vote” of confidence. The more backlinks your website has the better. This has not changed with the most recent Panda and Penquin updates.

What has changed is the idea of QUALITY baclinks. The search engines now want backlinks from sites that are relevant, or add value in someway or another… If you just have a bunch of “spammy” links coming to your website, from other low or no authority websites, that doesn’t help you… As a matter of fact it my hurt your rankings.


Currently one of the easiest ways to measure a websites value is through it’s PR

Page Rank is an arbitrary number given to a website by google to notate its “authority”

Page Rank is currently on a scale of 1-10.

BBC british Brodcasting network is an example of 10 pr site

The higher the rank, the better the backlink from that site will be. If you could get a backlink from the BBC to your money site, that would go a LONG way to proving to Google that your site is an authority, and that Google should increase your ranking… But what if you got 10 10PR sites to backlink to your site??

Starting to see the picture?

But.. you need to be careful in choosing where you get your backlinks from… Some of the best places are..

Private Blog Networks

A private blog network is a group of websites whose main purpose for existance is provide high quality backlinks… In otherwords… it is a link factory…

Many private blog networks where “shut down” in the last panda and penquin update. However many still exist… They are kept very “private” because the owners don’t want people that don’t need to know about them to know… Hence the name “private blog networks”

Private blog networks are high PR and High Authority websites, that can backlink to your site… This “transfers” some of that link juice to your site, creating the ranking that we are looking for.

Remember the more high quality backlinks you can get, the better… especially if they are from sites that are “relevant” to your site in some way or another.

You can build your own private blog network (resources below)

You can get links from a private blog network owner

Web 2.0 and Social Media

These days everyone knows about these types of websites. Of course getting other people to “share” your content is one of the best things that you can do to get yourself some backlinks… ALso posting your backlinks on facebook , twitter, and all the others is a “vote of confidence” as we mentioned above.

Because these types of site are “authoritative” sites, and very popular, getting your content on them can be good for your rankings and for your backlinking efforts

I don’t really use this too much as I like to “automate” things as much as possible, and don’t like to post my content 1 by 1 or manually if you will.

.edu and .gov websites

These are great resources when it comes to backlinks. If you can get your backlinks on .edu or .gov websites that is great.

.edu and .gov websites are educational and governmental websites that are used to inform the public. .edu site are typically university sites. .gov sites are typically governmental sites.

These types of sites are automatically recognized as authoritative, and Google automatically gives “high link juice” to backlinks on these sites.

Personally I have an outsourcer that I all I do is pay her to post backlinks for .edu and.gov sites to my websites.. I have seen some great results

4. Tracking

A famous quote that I am reminded of “You can’t improve what you don’t measure”

You MUST keep track of what you are doing, and the resulting improvements to your rankings.
If you are just willy nilly buying backlinks and hoping for the best, you’ll get willy nilly results.

I typically look at all my search engine rankings EVERYDAY… I also track all my backlinks, when I built them and the sites that I used to build my backlinks..

This way I can see sort of a correlation between the backlinks that I have built and the ranking that I am getting.

You need to do the same thing… Most people don’t plan to fail, the fail to plan… So start thinking about your long term strategy… and how you are going to track it…

Also, every project is different, has different levels of competition and is a constant moving target.

So track…

A great tool that I use is called

Serpfox.com… You can check it out. This will give you historic rankings and is really a great tool to have in your arsenal. You can add multiple keywords for each URL.. .so for my example above I can track “carlsbad emergency plumber”, as well as “Carlsbad Plumber” and can compare todays rankings to yesterdays, the day before, and the month before, etc…

You can track ALL of your websites with this tool.

If you just have a few websites you can also use Google Analytics.

5. Automation + Outsourcing

Once you have plan of action for ranking your sites, then you need to start doing with the work. After you’ve done it for a while you’ll quickly learn that backlink is… well… BOOORRRINGG!!

I very rarely ever post a single backlink at a time… I have software and outsources to do most of that for me.

A great piece of software that I use is called


This software posts literally thousands of high quality backlinks for me every single day.

I basically program this software, and it creates content, creates profiles, and creates my links all over the internet 24/7 every single day.

Go ahead and do your research of SenukeXCR… Google it to learn more… ( but don’t buy it anywere until you see my resources section below)

Too be honest I am not an expert with Senuke, there is so much more that it can do that I haven’t even yet discovered… But it is working well for my projects. As time goes on I’ll experiment with it more and uncover even more capabilities with this product.

This is absolutely one of my all time favorite products.

However it is very expensive, and the learning curve is pretty steep.

There is a way “around” the expense and learning curve issues… take a look down in our resources section to learn more.

I also outsource as many repetitive tasks as I can. I currently outsource individual article writing, and backlinking to the .edu and .gov sites.


1. Create your plan (budget, no budget?)
2. Keyword research (10-12 long tail keywords + main keyword)
3. Create articles, posts or pages with your keywords in them
4. Backlink away using keywords, and point to your articles and main site
5. .edu’s. .govs and web 2.0 sites
6. Automate and duplicate

So that’s it. That’s the streamlined version on how to rank any site, immediately..

6. Resources

Done for your Private Blog Network


I do a lot of Fiverr Gigs for people on the various topics discussed above. Please feel free to check out my gigs.. These are a great place to start. and we’ll give you incredible value.

Cowboy’s Keith’s Fiverr Gigs

7. Products I use


Tracking software


SEnuke VPS Private Server

This is a great value. You get the software, some training, and a virtual private server to run it on..(You don’t want to run this software on your local machine)

Learn more about it HERE

SEO ZEN (onsite content creation software) THIS PRODUCT ROCKS!!

This will help you create onsite content and rank your sites! It is great for creating a massive amount of content… Then backlink to that content to really see your rank increase!

Learn more about it at this link


Done for you .edu links, or .gov links

Done for your “senuke” se my fiver gigs above!

Contact me directly for pricing information

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